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Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir, We, Zuari Finserv Limited, having its corporate office at Plot No. 2, Zamrudpur Community Centre, Kailash Colony Extension, New Delhi-110048, wish to register a complaint against the cybercrime. Facts of the Case: On November 16, 2018 at 11:31 AM, Mr. Tarun Khanna, Chief Financial Officer of the Company received a mail from in the name of RangachariSoundara Raghavan, supposed to be the Managing Director(MD) of the Company, statinga request for transfer of fundsof Rs. 5,80,300/- (Rupees Five Lakh Eighty Thousand and Three Hundred only) for personal payment on urgent basis which looked suspicious to the CFO as the senders mail ID is not an official mail Id and there was no beneficiary details in the mail. Since, such kind of request for fund transfer was made for the first time; Mr. Tarun tried to confirm the same with the MD through phone call on which he was not able to answer the call as he was in Board Meeting of one of our Group Company. Further, Mr. Tarun also forwarded that mail on the official id of MD for cross checking the same. Thereafter, considering the urgency of mail and in process to get the authenticity and identity of the sender, Mr. Tarun asked for beneficiary details through mail, in response of which, the sender provided the details (mentioned below) and mentioned to transfer the funds as early as possible. A/c Name: RAJKUMAR A/c No. : 2084243000387 Bank Name: ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE IFSC Code: ORBC0102084 PAN number. DUGPR6434G Branch: Delhi Meanwhile, Mr. Khanna received the confirmation from MD that he didn’t send any mail for transferring of funds. Now, considering the severity of matter and mala fide intentions of the sender, that may emerge again in future which may result harm to the Company as well as to the Individual, we request you to lodge our complaint for taking early and appropriate action against the Sender. Further, we also request to track the identity of the sender and the trails connecting to him/her so that it would be helpful to the Corporates as well as to the individuals against any monetary loss or any cyber crime Hoping for early action in this regards. Thanking You Yours Truly For Zuari Finserv Limited Mukesh Verma Authorized Signatory 9999741900 Enclosure: - Copy of email

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