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fraud via promotion of company by giving gifts

Complain Detail:-> On 17 August, i got a call from shopping2mart enterprises . A lady had on call said our new website is launched and we have promotes our website via giving gift to our New users if you purchased any product of more than Rs 599 from our website on this day we have electronic gift as promotional gifts . so i purchased a FORMAL SHOE of Rs 749 via payumoney. they mailed me receipt of the product. and before took off call she said you have recieved a call on tomorrow from our end for your gift related. NEXT day i got call they told me to chooose a gift from 3 product as you want to receive , i choose a laptop of Rs 69999 . next day i received a call again in which they asked about my resisted mobile number and the details of product i purchased . again next they a call recieved and a verification occurs and told me to pay GST fees of product of Rs 8159 so, i paid him that money . after 2 or 3 days again a call received they will told me that to dispatch of your product you have to pay INSURANCE charges of the product of Rs 12786 that whole amount that i paid is refunded after the product is delivered , so i again paid that money. Each and every time almost different person call me and asked the same details as i mentioned before . AFTER FEW day when my product is not delivered i call on the Customer Care +91-9911776072 and asked what going on whats the status of my product they told me there is issue generated to your product that is defective so, i suggested you to convert whole amount into cash so, that you recieved cash easily so i am fine with that said OK do it. after few more days later they said that their is increment in your whole amount = product amount+ gst+ insurence+ inconvience charges + nominee amount. so we have to clear your file to income tax office . After next day they told me to clear your file you have to paid Rs 22256 which is also refundable and a NOC is generated you have to fill and gave us. so i again convince and paid Rs 22256 after that almost 2 weeks no contacts have happened they said seniors are not available then after again i recieved a call they said sorry sir, we have delay in the process and next a head senior ASHISH MEHRA call me said we finalized your file Regarding UCADI (Unique Claming Amount Distribution Id) which would refundable to you, You have to complete UCADI by this amount which is mentiond below:- RS 28500 and hard convinced me and push me paid this amount and said trust me your money is secured. so, i finally paid . BUT now almost a month a spent ASHISH MEHRA cannot call me . and their employs said they will change the work and resign from that office. after that said my file is on HOLD . from last 20 days they said if again want to continued your file work you have to maintain your account by 20% that you recieved from this company . so you have to captured your amount by recieve Rs 39000 from your end. and after next day your transaction will start and you got your whole amount . but i knew their is FRAUD so i cannot allowed to captured my account . they asked me my each and every details my aadhar no. , my PAN no. , my account no. and votor id and soft copies of these documents.

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