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Credit Card unauthorized transaction

Complain Detail:-> Hi, I am a bearer of ICICI bank and HDFC bank credit card both of my credit card amount has been hacked and an overall amount of Rupees “**********,**********” has been debited from credit card and credited to PAYTM account without my authorization and I am not using or ordered anything from PAYTM account till now. When I called the customer care of PAYTM they informed me that transaction has happened, they have the transaction details through my registered phone number i.e. “**********” and email : I had inquired PAYTM regarding the registered e-mail but they denied telling me informing that it is confidential. I wanted to know whether that was my registered email. Because, I did not receive any amount transaction emails till today from PAYTM. HDFC credit card: Name : Swetha.V Credit Card Number last four digit : ********** Transaction of Rs **********/- has been transferred to PAYTM account without receiving any OTP or E- mail message. Transaction had happened on the below dates: S.No Transaction Date Merchant Name Transaction Amount ********** **********-Sep-********** PAYTM NOIDA IND **********.********** ********** **********-Sep-********** PAYTM NOIDA IND **********.********** I had raise complain to HDFC through <> on Oct -**********-**********. They informed me to register Cyber crime. Similarly, there was another transaction conducted through my ICICI credit card through “PAYTM” of RS **********,**********/- from ********** Oct ********** to ********** Oct **********. Name : Swetha.V Credit Care Number last four digit : ********** Transaction Dates Amount **********-Oct-********** ********** **********-Oct-********** ********** **********-Oct-********** ********** **********-Oct-********** ********** **********-Oct-********** ********** I had done my first transaction of ICICI bank on Oct -**********-********** for RS “**********.**********” for this I have the OTP message as well has my email transaction details, but for the above transaction I have not received email or OTP confirmation details. I had received Call from PAYTM regarding offers and transaction then realized that my credit card has been lost. They informed me about the transaction. I had blocked my Card on “**********-Ocy-**********”. I checked calling PAYTM customer care regarding the transaction but , they informed me that amount has been sent though PAYTM for the following account on **********-Oct -********** for these transactions I have not received an OTP or email. Please find the below PAYTM transaction details Data Amount Time IRCTC **********.********** **********:********** PM Delhi Public school Rudrapur **********,********** **********:********** PM IRCTC********** **********.********** **********:********** PM Dream **********.com ********** **********:********** PM IRCTC ********** **********:**********PM PAYTM ********** ********** : ********** PM **********.********** **********:********** IRCTC **********.********** IRCTC **********.********** IRCTC ********** **********:********** IRCTC connect App **********.********** **********:********** PAYTM ********** **********:********** IRCTC Connect App **********.********** **********:********** PAYTM ********** **********:********** Delhi University PG fee collection ********** **********:********** IRCTC **********.********** **********:********** ********** **********:********** TATA power DDL ********** **********:********** **********.********** **********:********** I called ICICI bank customer care they did not respond me properly and they told me that transaction though ICICI Credit card is an authorized transaction and have received OTP and acknowledged by me and informed that all are authorized transaction and it is authorized by me and I have received OTP to my Phone and which I have not!. I enquired about the dispute form they did not give the details and in spite blamed me that I have given the OTP and authorized the transaction even after informing that I did not receiving any OTP. At last informed me you need to complain cyber crime. ********** is a huge amount which I will not be able to pay because, I have lot of financial issue. Hence I would request you to give your serious attention on this serious issue and take immediate legal action on the fraudsters involved in this malicious crime of cheating innocent people and punish them severely and please take action ASAP. Your in-time action on this complaint can prevent frauds that this person or gang is executing. Yours Sincerely Swetha.V

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