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In respect to the Online Financial Fraud committed with me in the name of providing Visa services

Complain Detail:-> I, Ms. Mahejabeen Khalooi, want to put forward a complaint against a company known as ‘Visas Abroad’ based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In March 2017, while I was looking out for a job change, I received a call from a Consultant named Inder, from a company called ‘Visas Abroad’. Inder convinced me that their company aids in applying for Visas of various countries and promised me that Visas Abroad will help me get a Canadian Visa and a job in Canada, and they will charge me fees for that. I was promised that the entire process will last for 6-7 months. This conversation was initiated in March 2017 and I have paid Rs 52000 till date and things haven’t moved ahead. It has been more than a year now, and in spite of multiple follow ups things haven’t moved ahead. Today, both Inder and Sameer (Inder’s manager), have stopped answering my calls, replying to my mails and are avoiding any form of communication with me. When I had requested for a refund, Sameer lied saying that I have signed an agreement and the amount paid is not refundable. While Inder had told me at the commencement of the discussion, that at any point in time if I want to withdraw my application, my money will be refunded. Recently, as I realized that the company appears to be a fraud, I had filed an online complaint with the Cyber Crime department, Mumbai. However, since the company is based out of Noida, the Cyber Crime department of Mumbai asked me to file a complaint with the Cyber Crime department of Noida. I request your help and support for me to recover my money from Visas Abroad. P.S: I have not signed any agreement Visas Abroad. Aforementioned are the numbers of Inder and Sameer from Visas Abroad and their office address. Inder: +91 7840001669/+91 8802454633 Sameer: +91 9990846555 Add: Visas Abroad Services LLP Suite no. 18, LOGIX Park, A4 & A5, Sector – 16, Noida, 201301, India Landline: 0120 4113788 Thank you! Regards, Mahejabeen Khalooi +91 9892251786

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