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Complain Detail:-> Hi My SBI saving account has been debited for about five transactions trough debit card purchase which i havn not done and are completed without my authorization. The transaction has been done for purchase of Google play store games. i have come to know about these transactions through SMS alert without OTP Transaction not done and has attain my attention for some kind of fishing activity taking place. The transactions details are as follows which I have got SMS SBI bank 3 sep 2017 purchase of INR 59.97 3 sep 2017 purchase of INR 6,392.83 3 sep 2017 purchase of INR 638.64 3 sep 2017 purchase of INR 638.64 3 sep 2017 purchase of INR 20.24 I have not shared my bank details with any one and neither approved the above transactions. I have spoken to State bank officials and get my debit card blocked and they have agreed to investigate the matter internally. I have also been advised to register an FIR and submit the same with bank. I was checking online and found that other State bank customer has also faced similar fraud transactions through credit card or debit card and have registered the complaints. I Would appreciate if the case be taken on priority and i can get the refund as this seems to be a prominent group involved in this activity. It is to inform that my phone got screen got damaged and is lying at Motorolla Service Center, Tilak Nagar for repairing since last 20-25 days and all my personal details etc are saved in my phone. Bank Details are Bank Name State Bank of India Branch Transport Nagar Kanpur Thanks and Regards Mrs Mayank Bajpai Mob 8130421024

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