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Mobilemyntra come is involved in fraudulent activity of offering free gift voucher and asking to make payment to activate the offer

Complain Detail:-> There was a call from online platform ( where the person offered free gift voucher worth RS 80000. They also informed that the offer will be activated after purchasing a product from the online platform mentioned above and thereafter paying sum of Rs 14852 which will be refundable. I got enticed with the offer and purchase a product worth Rs 799 from the online platform on 30th Sep 2018. I didn’t receive the product for which I contacted them. They informed me to make additional payment as the product got damaged. The very next day, I made the partial outstanding payment of Rs 5352 as GST via Paytm. Next day again, I made the remaining payment of Rs 9500 as Insurance via Paytm. Both the amount i.e., Rs 14852 (Rs 5352 + Rs 9500) in total was communicated by them to be refundable. As it is more than 2 weeks now that I didn’t got the product, I contacted the company where they asked me to make further additional payment of Rs 13000. I sensed some mischief and asked them to refund the whole amount barring which they continue to disconnect my call and even if received, they are making false statement. I have lost total of Rs 15651 (Rs 14852 + Rs 799). Kindly help me in recovering the amount. Contact number of accused are: 1. 7065072269 2. 7065072268 3. 9990681177 4. 9990617940 5. 7065072262 6. 8750271166

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    | Tue, 13 Nov 2018


    Comments:- The same thing happened to me....I too lost a huge happened in September 1 week.till now not yet received. Whom I have to approach to complaint...I want that bastard to get upside down and good ladies working in them should think of mother and brother when po

    • Nadeem Ahmad

      | 30-01-2019 17:40:48

      Subject:- Where is my money?


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