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Fake uber food customer

Complain Detail:-> I booked some food orders Ubereats after delivering there is some issue with my food quality so I thought to call on UberEats customer care number so i seach it on google and saw this number 7667393218. So i called on that number yesterday but know one picked the phone.After few hrs got returned call from same number and a guy told me what you want u called me earlier so i told me that is this Ubereats customer care number i had an issue thts why i called. He told me yes m UberEats customer so i told him abt my order related issue then he told me I’ll refund your amount into bank account instead of wallet cz its my policy you have to tell me your 16 digit card number , CVV so i told me my details after few seconds he told me to share your otp tht you got on your phone but I refused to tell him cz had sime doubt init. So i told him i dont want my refund thank you and cut the call. He called me back and told wht problem you have to share your otp its just for verification,i said i dont want to disclose my otp to anyone cz no company will ask abt this details. So i called on some different numbers of Ubereats that time the number is correct and i told abt what happend to me. So they asked me the number to verify and in few mints they told me this guy is a froud and we dont ask any such details to customers. I called him on previous number and told him i lodge a complaint but he didnt rply and cut my call. Please file a complaint against him. And try to call him as a customer and told my food order was damaged so how could I get my refund then he ask your details of debit credit card. Thanks Ankit

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