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scam via telegram and Ransom taken Term of bitcoins as to do marry and making investment in scam website

Complain Detail:-> i have been in pin in Telegram chat platform by username @Sandra110 .As aske me that culprit wanted to meet new people and that why she text me up.then after few days of conversation she agreed to get marry me and for that she wanted me to invest in scam website invested in plan A and i got the withdrawal but when i invested in plan B the withdrawal is not coming out.Till then she asked taken away from me to invest in Plan C .its huge amount she was to invested so i gave her my amount and also collected from my friends.After that she also said that withdrawal is not coming out for her also As we need to pay the withdrawal fee.for that she told he need to take loan from the bank for that in USA for opting loan tax need to be paid so she asked me to give .so i also give her 70000/-inr for her tax for loan.As soon he got the amount .she started ignoring me and blocking me in Telegam .Asking more money as she said that her money was stolen in road by unknown criminal in road .so i she even asking me money and not returning nor allowing me to text as she blocked me i need to get that person behind i think its a male and female both involve as .when i try to call during night never pick up call and in day she pick up call.i also asked for video call but never done .So i need to help regarding this and as m y Facebook id also been hackneyed i mean kept by emotional black mailing.Password and email for my Facebook is never given to me .My facdebook id is Sujit Das with Email id is

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