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Complain Detail:-> Sir I received a call from a landline number of platinum deals 011-40349153 telling me that as my usage history of my credit card ,they are giving me a discount card and another 4 schemes related to Heath checkup ,travel ,and a free gift worth 2500..first of all they said that the card is free of cost than they transmitted the call to a new mobile number 8929941062 and told that the scheme is for 8990 rupees and the payment will b made through Ivr system ..yes I agreed for the amount and made that 8990 payment from my credit card .i had no objection for taking that amount but the objection is the hidden conditions and charges that were not told at all on the phone call ..u can check the call details on my number 9811955565 from these two numbers and check that no such charges of demand draft ,long list of exclusion periods ,and impossible conditions were never mentioned ...I m middle class salaried person and cant afford the loss of 8990 rupees..please look itno this matter or otherwise tell me what legal option can I take regarding this problem ..

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