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Credit Card fraud

Complain Detail:-> On 3.9.2018 a phone came to me posing themselves bank employees of RBL Bank . They talked with me for increasing my credit limit of my credit card 5243736720070320 . They were already having all my credit card details which can be known only to a bank employee . I instantly agreed since I was confident that the phone call is from bank . Even the true caller was showing the RBL Bank name in the same format as is shown if anybody calls their customer care number . The caller told that for confirmation 2 times OTP will come in my mobile which after confirmation will enhance my credit limit . No way it was possible to know that the phone call is from non banker since they were already having all my personal details . It may be leakage of information by any bank employee or sombody hacked their site . I have ICICI Bank CC for more than a decade but never such calls came to me . In the process of speaking with the caller I told then 2 OTP that came in my mobile . Afterwards I found that my Credit Card has been debited with Rs 9999.00 and Rs 9999.00 by CC Avenue Recharge . I immediately blocked my card and informed the bank authorities to reverse the amount but they told it is no more possible since the amounts have already been paid . Kindly lodge an FIR for the above mentioned incident .

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