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SMS demanding winning of TATA Safari

Complain Detail:-> Sir/madam,I ordered in shop clues. For a raincoat on 1/8/2018 at ₹315/-My order no is 153193273.Itransferred the amount fro my SBI account.But on the date of 3/8/18 I received an SMS from shop clues that I am the winner of lucky draw first prize:A TATA SAFARI.For it I have to deposit ₹86000/- and two contact nos are given.The support no is07076448689 and adviser no is (91)7256070370.At first I did not pay too much heed to this SMS.But a call came for shop lies who gave all details of my order no, address,etc and told to claim the prize.Still I did not call them but search net about the veracity of of such lucky draw and found that so many people cheated by Shop clues earlier.Again a phone call came and told me I have to deposit service charge in SBI account they would provide.I told them to send me details of the lucky draw and slash the service charge from my winning money.So they told me that they are discussing about it and will inform me later.I request you please investigate into the matter and please do something to common buyers being cheated by e ecommerce Shop clues in the name of business.Thanks, Madhusudan Chakraborty, Midnapur,West Bengal.

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