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Complain Detail:-> A website by the name of is advertising on job portal like quicker ( is registered job poster on quicker) that if you subscribe for a plan of Rs 405 and Rs 603 than you will be given online data typing work in which you can earn 30000 a month. Website ask to do payment through paytm in paytm wallet registered with mobile no 9586352619 with the commitment that paid money will be refunded within 10 minutes to you back by paytm and you will be given work also.after payment no reply on emails and phone is switched off.this is looked like an organized scam. I paid today Rs 603 through paytm 3 hours before and no reply after that to any of my emails. And phone is switched off. On website contact address is of Udaipur Rajasthan and mobile no which is given is of gujarat. Need to investigate to protect money of may be many people like me.

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