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Complain Detail:-> Respected sir I live in Ghaziabad and working in a MNC in noida A person from my previous office used my personal details such as photos , my family members photos and details , m phone number and workplace details and made fake profiles writing bad and abusive wordings on facebook Alongwith me he used my sisters personal details (Name phone number workplace ) and made profile for her Please refer screenshots We went to Lohia nagar policestation and lodge a complaint in SSP office They traced few numbers i gave to him but still not getting proper help from them The person they got to know his address phone number etc still unable to find the appropriate solution The person name is Piyush Pathak and living in Delhi and he continously threathend me since 8 months as i stopped talking to himHe was first threatening me but started threatening my family members Now he created Fake profile of me used my photos from my Friends profile and put my phone number and sending request and sharing my photos to my known crowd This is spoling my image and i am much worried and feeling dipressive and mentally tortured I belongs to a middle class family and having a normal job and studying also but all this is spoiling me inside to outside Please refer to all the screenshots and please please help me to address this matter and catch the culprit I shall be thankful to you Note- There are so many screenshots i have as he is continously updating the harrasing posts and we are reporting it as to save us from society I have so many screenshots but here only one screenshots can be attached Please see httpswwwfacebookcomprofilephpid100015861153198 shivangi bhardwaj httpswwwfacebookcomprofilephpid100013863132294frefufipnrefstory kritika bhardwaj

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