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Complain Detail:-> The website has taken ₹12239+₹1299 = ₹13538 Total Amount for a Bluetooth Speaker (₹1299) & REFUNDABLE amount (₹12239) as a part of offer. Now the company is not refunding the amount even after comitment of refund. They claimed that if I purchase the product of ₹1299 then I am eligible to certain gift. Then they declaired that I have won a gift but I have to pay ₹12239 which would me refunded. After that they said that I have to pay insurance amount. When I denied for further payments then they firstly denied to refund money then lately, they agreed to refund in 48 hrs. I have been continuously asking for the company profile and details which they have yet not shared. Now the company is nt even receiving my calls. And even after committing, no mail have been send to me assuring that the amount will be refunded. The customer care executes are misbehaving & not even taking my calls now. They have done fraud. Thus, they should be refund my money and must be punished for such frauds. I therefore, request to take strict actions again the company. (I have company address & company account details as I have enquired myself to get the details from other sources)

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