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Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir, I want to know you that i applied for personal loan via internet. A few days later i received a call (Mobile No- 8468906832) from Name of the person Mis Sonali Yadav, he said that i am speaking from bajaj and told me that you applied for personal loan, i said yes, then they asked me my personal document like pan card, aadhar card for checking my credit score, then i sent them to my document via whatsapp, whatsapp no-9540124804 then next day, the call came again to me and told me that your PAN card no is showing very good credit score, for which the company providing you personal loan on 8 percent interest. Then they told me about the loan which was two types one is secure loan and second is unsecure loan. Firstly he told about secure loan that if you take a secure loan. Then you have to keep the property in its front of personal loan and after that they told about unsecure loan in that we insure you from one insurance company it’s become guarantor your personal loan, if any accident has happened in the future, then the company recovers the money of the loan from that guarantor company. Then they asked me which loan you would like to take, i said unsecure loan then they told me the process of unsecure loan. in this you will have to give 3 months of EMI in advance, so that your insurance will be done by that company whose name was R LIFE SERVICES then they gave me the account number of that company and asked to deposit 3 months EMI advance which was 15186 rupees then i deposited 15186 amount in the given account number account on dated 24/05/2017 details as below Acc Holder Name- R lIFE SERVICES, BANK NAME-FEDRERAL BANK, BANCH NAME- KHARKHARI NAHAR IFSC CODE-FDRL0002274. The next day they called again and they told me to deposit 28500 rupees that is refundable amount after loan will be issued to you, I also deposit this amount to the same account on dated 29/05/2017. On June 30,2017, I called again and said that your an amount of 5 lakh, you will have to pay an income tax for which you will have to pay an income tax rupees 22000 which you have to pay, I also deposit the amount to the same account that is 22000 rupees on dated 30/05/2017. After paying all my money, he said till tomorrow, your loan will be created in your account. The next day they called me again and said that you will have an OTP on on your phone number you will share me for account activation. I shared that OTP no to them after that they call me again to activate the OTP number you have to deposit 26000 rupees which will be refund getting after the loan. I deposit this amount in the given second account number which was the account of a person name Mr. Niranjan das, account details as blow acc name- NIRANJAN DAS, ACC NUMBER-11446268530, BANK NAME SBI, BRANCH NAME ABHAYAPURI, IFSC Code:- SBIN0008462. Now I am paying to them total of 91686 rupees. The next day I received a phone call from one of his departments who said I am speaking from account department, you need to verify your account number then you should give me your account details, I told them all the account details to them. After verifying the account details, he told me , I am calling the broker here if you want your loan amount, then you have to give me 40000 rupees only after your loan amount will be transferred to you. I did not this money to them, due to which I did not get my loan amount nor has the money that was given to me been recovered yet. After that, even after repeated calls to me, people are scared by saying to me today and tomorrow and my money is not returning to me yet. Office Address- Bajaj-2nd floor House No-97 Nehru Place New Delhi. I have been mentally disturbed due to this fraud and my treatment is going on at the medical collage’s mental department. You are requested to take all these people and take strict action against them. You are requested that some appropriate action while registering my complaints and pleased to get my money back Thanks Priyank Srivastava LUCKNOW-UP

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