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Credit Card Fraud immediately after receipt of new credit card

Complain Detail:-> Today on 4th July 2018, I received an SBI credit card at 04:25 PM. At 05:51 PM, on my registered mobile number at SBI, I received a call from mobile number 08393916043. A lady was calling stating that she is from SBI credit card branch. She said it was a verification call in which she stated first 2 digits of my credit card and validity, by which she took me in a confidence for fraudulently obtaining my complete credit card number and CVV number. After that, she told me that she will call again for telling me more the offers on the card. At 05:57 PM, she called me from the same number that is 08393916043 and explained me the offers under the credit card. Then she told me that you will get offer coupons tomorrow that is on the 5th July, 2018, between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM. Then she cut the call. At 05:53 PM I got a message that Rs. 7,946.00 has been debited from my credit card at PAYTM on 4th July, 2018. On seeing this message, I immediately rang up the SBI customer care at 06:03 PM, intimated the instance to them and got my card blocked. It is my request that using modern technology, the government of India helps me to retrieve the money and take strict action against the criminals committing this crime.

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