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Fraud on my debit card by issuing fake guidance

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sirs, Three months ago I had avail services of and paid INR Approx 125000 against the services for searching of job. Yesterday, a person having mobile number 9015449101 who introduced himself to me Mr. Rewan Kashyap from He told me that I took services of and invested approx Rs 125000/- and asked me that whether I have been provided any job by, I said no. He further told me in that case will refund my money and asked me to come online. I came online and he called me over the phone and sent a payumoney link to my mobile message. He asked me to make payment of INR 65756/-. I asked him why i make payment as he has to refund me the amount. He told me that on the provided link there are two accounts are linked one is mine and other is of and once I make payment then the entire amount along with my payment will be credited in my bank account within 48 hours. I also sent him a copy of my addhar card for verification purpose which he asked me to send at After an hour i again called him but his mobile was switched off and continuously going switched off. Then I called and apprise the situation shine people told me that shine do not refund any amount and I was fraudly looted. Today, in the morning i.e. June 22, 2016 I called payumoney customer care and they told me that payment has been made by them to the party and they cannot stop the payment they advised me to lodge complaint as cyber crime cell. They also provided me the name of the party as as Neelu and e-mail ID as I have all the transaction proofs and and can show anytime. Please note the name of the culprits Caller: Mr. Rewan Kashyap Mobile no: 9015449101 e-mail IDS: & Name of the party in which account payment was transferred: Neelu Yours sincerely, Pankaj Bhatt Mob: 9873188206

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