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Customs Charges Fraud New Delhi Airport

Complain Detail:-> I have been facing a situation since Friday. One of my friends(Mr. Peter Deepak)who travelled from UK to New Delhi is detained there. He was supposed to travel to Bengaluru on Friday itself. However, he was detained there for the customs charges and I was given a call by a lady (named Simran) from the number: 9643086230 demanding me to pay several charges and I have made online payments for these charges. Now I am not reciving any kind of appropriate response from her. I have transferred money to the following accounts: Prasad Tanagekar, 18300100012131, IFSC code: FDRL0001830, PAN: AYRPT5989L Archana Karnaik Naik: 18300100012099, IFSC code: FDRL0001830, PAN: BOPPN7134C REENA BHATIA, 6463963518, IFSC Code: IDIB000H019 (through RTGS from HDFC M G Road Branch) Prasad, 3681871674, IFSC code: CBIN0281670, PAN: AYRPT5989L Lichanthung EZUNG, 36458123232, IFSC: SBIN0003631 (through SBI money deposit) I would need your help in tracking if this is a fraud case and how can I recover the money I have lost to this scam. Looking forward for your help on this. Thanks, Pratima Bhat

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