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Customer service of Triviyaa extracted OTP and Money transferred to AIRTEL money

Complain Detail:-> I had made a cash on delivery purchase on a website and on delivery the dress was not found of good quality and request was placed for return with the call center number found on google search. On this 8658355920 (Airtel) the agent spoke and transferred the call to 9337556707 (Reliance Mobile). These numbers were from Orissa. The person on the other side told that we will return the money and asked for debit card number which i had provided. while on call, he mentioned that there is problem with transferring the money and I will receive an OTP which needs to be shared for entering in IVR..this was repeated multiple times and I was told that my account is not linked with my phone and was having some problem and asked for card details of my colleague and they they asked for Issuing date and Expiry date which was provided; after this, they asked for CVV number. This arouse the suspicion of my colleague and she immediately started verifying details on which the call disconnected. On disconnecting the call, I saw a lot of messages from my bank and realized that person on the other side was attempting to withdraw money from my account to Airtel Money and Phonepe. One amount of Rs. 4999 was deducted and there were multiple failed attempts of transfer ranging from amount 10999, 9999, 6999, 4999, 1999, 999 and 499. I checked the ATM and found that the amount of 4999 was deducted for payment towards Phonepe mumbai.

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  1. Narharimanetwar

    | Wed, 01 May 2019

    Subject:- Amount deducted 4999


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