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Complain Detail:-> i met a person name muhhammad phone number +234 902722 4473 in quikr and olx websites. they make fake accounts of seller from usa for selling macbooks, i was aware these kind of persons. i was so stupid i deal with them. he said you have to pay 5000 for just shipping and then all payment on delivery but i said 3000, first we argued about it but after some time i paid 3000, then he said i have to pay 5000 for insurance fee that will be refunded in my account after delivery, i paid that too then he send me a a website link with tracking number where i could see my product shipping process next day he messaged me and saying that my product is on hold from dealer side and he is asking for half payment, we argued again we i paid 20000 this time in follow account STATE BANK OF INDIA GAIREILUNG GANGMEIH A.C:33418306816 IFSC CODE :SBIN0007703 Branch:DELHI so total i paid 28000 in that account. i thought at the time of delivery fist i will check the product the i will pay. next day he messaged me again and asking for another 17000 for importation fee. we argued again i was thinking in my mind i should not be doing this but i paid again 17000 in folllow account, State bank of India NAME : HS CHHANZOVI: ACCT NO:34098958820 IFSC: SBIN0000705 or SBIN00007058 BRANCH : MISSION VENG so total i paid 45000, after 2-3 hours he messaged me again and asking 30000 for custom fee, that time i got him red handed and i asked for cancellation of the product and refund, he refused, i checked that website thoroughly and it was fake, when i found its website on compliant board i was shattered i knew my money was gone here is the link of the website where someone complaint about them- may i was not getting my money at all but do some need full, seize their bank accounts and their holders, i have all the profs, chat history with him and attachments, if you need anything contact me Thank You !

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