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Complain Detail:-> Hi My name is Punam and am from New Zealand. I sell indian clothes in New Zealand especially to my friends n families. On the facebook site, wholesaler and resellers group, I have put to all wholesalers to contact me if you have a particular saree that I was looking. There this lady Sheethal Bhatia, messaged me to contact her as she deals with vendor wholesalers and can give all clothes of good rates. She gave me all the prices and correct information of clothes. Even the clothes material information was all correctly answered. So i believed her and made my 1st order from her worth 68540rs. Since I have made payment, I had been waiting for delivery from last one month. 2 days ago I found out that she was a fraud and has done fraud with so many other people. Upon contacting her cell phone number +919765274482, she has stopped answering my call. Can you please investigate and help me get my money back. I work so hard to earn money and someone like her just comes in and steals all money off. Her address is A/505 Raman Ashish Building, Shantilal Moti Rd no 2, Mumbai, India. Your help will be highly appreciated please.

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