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Complain Detail:-> I had ordered a birthday gift through my flower gift website on 19 May 2018 which need to be delivered on 1st June 2018. I had cleared all the payments on 19 May 2018 itself with my flower gift website. On the time of ordering or later there was no intimation regarding the extra charges for delivery from the supplier side. On the delivery day after noon we received a call from the supplier demanding an extra amount of Rs.400 for delivering the gift, it sounds like a clear case of cheating by demanding extra amount on the last moment. When we asked the reason for not informing earlier the supplier was so arrogant to us also they are refusing to pay back on cancellation of the order. I feel so embarrassed as I couldn’t deliver the birthday gift to my mother. Hope you could find some solution in this regards as the supplier should not continue the same to other customers also. As I checked their Facebook account I could understand that I was not the first one facing this issue with the same supplier, this is their regular practice to cheat the customer.

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