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Complain Detail:-> To, The Officer Banking Lokpal. Mumbai Tel No.23026400 Ref:. Savings A/c No. 015801002564 , ICICI Bank , Malad – W Branch Sub:. Complain for Fraud Transactions happened my savings account , also filed FIR –As enclosed in attachment for Rs. 2,00,004/- & registered complain with ICICI Bank – complain No. SR539212259 & SR539254137 Sir / Madam, I the under signed would like to inform your good selves that on 14TH April I have received a unknown call on my cell no.9867042723 stating that my sim card needs to get updated from 3G to 4G and for that I had received a code which I have sent to customer care no of Airtel , i.e. 121 , as it was my sim no , after that I called up on Cell No. 7033642949 , as he told me that he is speaking from Airtel Services & I trusted him & send the sim no to 121. After doing the same on 14.4.2018 at 10.20 AM , I was calling them to get my mobile network which was totally failed but they told me it will take some time atleast 24 hours after that it will be ok , now on 15.4.2018 I was at my home due to Sunday , I had tried the above mentioned no from my another sim & I was told that it will be done by 16.4.2018 as due to weekend we are running little shortage of staff but don’t worry will be done by tomorrow & on 15.4.2018 in the afternoon he made a fraud transactions – online UPI payments for Rs. 10,000/- + 40,000/- + 10,000/- + 40,000/- = Rs.1,00,000/- , I was not aware of it because my sim was hacked. On 17.4.2018 morning I had visited Airtel Gallery where I came to know that my sim got hacked & immediately I went to ICICI Bank Santacruz – W branch & came to know about online transactions done amounting to Rs. 1,00,000/- on 15.4.2018 afternoon 3.00 PM , immediately I have reported that this are not done by us and fraud transactions are made by some unknown person. I told my father to visit ICICI Bank Malad – W Branch & changed the registered cell no by 3.00 PM on 17.4.2018 & we made a NC with Malad Police Station [ as copy enclosed ] & submitted in ICICI Bank at 6.45 PM on 17.4.2018. After submitting NC within next 10 minutes I got a message on my new registered no.9819821388 that another transaction was done for Rs. 1,00,004/- through I Mobile App , again I went to ICICI Bank , Malad – W branch & they told me that they need FIR , so I went to Malad Police Station & they recorded my statement , had received FIR copy @ 12.00 midnight on 17.4.2018 which I have submitted to ICICI Bank on 18.4.2018. Now after that I had made some investigation from our end by tracing the details from statement & fraud persons number as well as his facebook account , call records for my cell no.9867042723 when it was with unknown person , details are attached, I had shared the same with ICICI Bank & Malad Police Station , after 15 days I had received sms from ICICI Bank regarding Shadow Credit received by us for full amount i.e. Rs. 2,00,004.00 but my account was blocked by the said amount. I had made followup with ICICI Bank & Malad Police Station but I got assurance from Bank that Investigation is on by Cyber Team of Bank & after 40 – 45 days I had received a sms that shadow credit is being reversed & I went to ICCI Bank Santacruz – W branch & Mr.Zahir Shaikh [ Branch Manager ] told me that Investigation is complete & they had mentioned that I had shared my user id – password to do the transactions & I need to take help of only Police , as ICICI Bank is not responsible for even a single penny. I would like to inform your goodselves that we have never made request for password & not done any online or mobile transactions from our account & ICICI Bank has provided password to do the transactions to unknown person. I am suffering from the loss for Rs. 2,00,004/- due to weakness of cyber security cell , I request you to look into matter & get back my amount asap. As I am senior citizen so my son Ankur Solanki was handling my savings account & he has provided his cell no but he has not shared any password or user id or any other details related to my savings account. As the fraud was done by hacking simcard , as there is no involvement from our side to do transactions & we have not shared any details to any unknown person over phone or in presence. As per RBI Guidelines & Notification No. DBR No.Leg. BC. 78/09.07.005/2017-18 dtd.6.7.2017 , it states that if customer is reporting within 3 days of fraud transaction was done then customer falls under zero liability as per Table No.1 & Table No.2 , still ICICI Bank is raising their hands & trying to run away from the responsibility which looks ethically wrong & that’s the reason we are complaining against ICICI Bank. We are not informed by them regarding completion of investigation as on date & they had already decided according to their own wish that we had shared passwords & info without asking us which is totally unprofessional & irresponsible attitude from ICICI Bank. Incase if we have shared passwords to the fraudster then we need to test voice call made by fraudster to ICICI Bank to generate the pin – password from ICICI Customer care , as ICICI Bank must be having our voice samples with them , I request you to get the forensic test to be done for voice calls & tracing a location of the same time when fraud was happened , as I was at my home at Malad – W , you can track from my cell no.9819821388. Thanking you, Ankur Solanki On behalf of Mr. Bipin R.Solanki- Account Holder

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