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Get an email regarding winning of chevrolet lottery

Complain Detail:-> I sent them my personal details as they were asked in the mail. I was not knowing about the consequences of this. But now as i aware i am really afraid about this issue. I have sent them my address as well as mobile number on this mail id And the message was like this CHEVROLET AUTOMOBILE COMPANY Chevrolet UK PLC, Griffin House, UK1-101-135, Osborne Road, Lupton, Bedfordshire LU1 3YT Register company number: 4533384 Telephone: +44-2033229373 This is to inform you that you have won a BRAND NEW Chevrolet Captive 2018 (CAR and cash) prize of (3Crore 35Lahks Rupees). The car comes with a special CHEVROLET INSURANCE Cover for one whole year that is till the next promotion. It also comes with a one year warranty and FREE repairs at any CHEVROLET AUTOMOBILE depot or service center worldwide. Your Batch No: 515944052/166 and Winning No: 1544 make you as one of the lucky winner in our 2018 End of the yearcharity bonanza. You are to contact our claims event manager on this Email: ( the below details for claims. Please Fill the Information below including your two mobile numbers. VERIFICATION AND FUNDS RELEASE FORM:- 1. Full Name: 2. Full Address: 3. Mobile Number: 4. Occupation: 5. Age: 6. Sex: 7. Country: 8. State: 9. Winning Email: MAKE SURE YOU SEND THESE DETAILS TO ( THE RELEASE OF FUND. NOTE: - YOU ARE TO IMMEDIATELY SEND YOUR COMPLETE INFORMATION TO OUR EVENT MANAGER FOR IMMEDIATE PROCESS OF WINNING ON THIS EMAIL ID ONLY :-( Past winner Mr. Pradeep Singh EVENT – MANAGER: DR MORGAN WHEELER CHEVROLET AUTOMOBILE UNIT COMPANY Contact Phone Number: +44-2033229373 Congratulations on Your Winnings. As i replied mail has come from their side regarding delivery of product. Now please tell me what to do.

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  1. Lokendra tyagi

    | Thu, 26 Sep 2019

    Subject:- 1 lucky draw message


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