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fraud agains taking my moey

Complain Detail:-> Name : dhruv patel Contact : // 9924066907 Dear sir/ madam The purpose of writing this compliant as I HAD BEEN TRAPED BY THE FRAUDS OF TAKING MY MONEY . as I usally use to do online shopping as there was a call from payt mall that I had been selectes as top 10 lucky winner and get any one prizes out of three (10 gm gold , 50000 , dell laptop ),as first I thought it was fake call so I said know but, They gave all my information about all the orders which I had doing from my account as well as my delivered address as all the information only the company can have from site “PAYTMMALL ‘where I used to buy As they told me that before claiming the price I need to buy there producrt of rs “3500” from there paytm mall as after buying that I can claimed the prize . as I had send money to the no. provided for buying the product after that I had recived a call that I had won a prize of rs “50000” and I can deposit in my account through “ PAYMENT GATEWAY “ AS THEY NEED MY ALL CARD DETAILS AND AS WELL AS THEY WANT THAT ACCOUNT SHOULD HAVE MINIMUM 5000 RS . AT LAST THEY ASKED ME MY “CVV” NO. THERE I GOT DOUGTH THEY CAN SEND MONEY TO MY BANK ACCOUNT WHY THEY NEED CVV CODE SO THAN I CAME TO KNOW TEY ARE FRAUD As but they are HAVING ALL MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION so I need help them to catch them as I am having all there mobile no. through which they call me and still they are reciving call and saying with confident that thet are calling from the company so it would be secured ut any company dosent ask “CVV” CODE an mini. Amount so I think it was a fake call so I told them to refund money and canceld my product but now they are not picking my call but still the phoe are ringing The mobile no. are (“8826045802” “9873158116” 9759817859 “ ) and all the phone are in ringing mode and they told me they had call me from noida head quters of paytm mall so So I request you to please help me out

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