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Fraudulent email msg to hack banking details

Complain Detail:-> Sir I have received a email from a fake account claiming to be from income tax department for refund of money. After initial investigation from income tax department it is found that it is a Spam mail. Kindly look into the matter and identify the people behind it to prevent fraud to public. Admin of Income TAX. Income-tax logo Dear Valued Tax-payer, Ministry OfkpFinance Welcomes You Into The Month Of Maykp2018 And Wishes To Inform You Of Your Accumulated TAXkpRefund.kpRegarding, To The Just Concluded AccountkpAudit, A Review Of Your TAX Payment Column States That You Have BeenkpEntitled Of A TAX Refund OfkpRs 53,685.75, WhichfuIs Your Accrued TAX Build-up Till Last Year. Click On ThefuRequest Link Below TokpView, FillqyAnd Submit AkpRefund Request for OnwardqyProcessing And Quick Crediting offuThe AforestatedfuAmountkp Into YourqyPersonal Bank Account. Submit Request You Are Hereby Advised ToqyComplete The Request Processs Carefully And InstallfuYour Mobile Verification Code Sent To Your Mobile Phone To Avoid Forfeiture Or Unnecessary Set-back In The Crediting OfkpYourkp Refunds. INC0MEkpTAXqyDEPARTMENT MINISTRYkp0FfuFINANCE G0VT.sdOFsdINDIA Attention: If you havefureceived thisfuemail infuyourfuspamfufolder, mark it as "Not spam" in other to completefurequest. ThekpInformation ContainedqyAnd Transmitted By ThiskpE-MAIL Is Intendedsd For Use Only By , And May Contain InformationfuThat IskpPrivileged Or Confidential. AnykpUnauthorized Use, Distribution, Transmission,kpPrinting, Copying Or DisseminationqyOf This Information InfuAny Way Or In Any Manner Is Strictly Prohibited. VIG93gHsLqwQUVyTaQDvLsTo8dfHRYGNGmXKDEcp4JfZENSPEwlqYeO6s4Nj3u7KR4uvJHUOraN5YGVDcg4avThXX5h0AoLstfXcXS0o3Nu2uqGGGKRbD99BfqCPOnihDftA8uZbitdMTUtAElMivVUKlwA9TSrw8V7gp6sIAGutAY4fjQxOLsz7Y9hS2IobEwr3CTLc

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