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job fraud duped

Complain Detail:-> Dear sir, I am a resident of Bengaluru. On May 2nd 2018 i saw an advertisement in the mumbai TIMES OF INDIA. for a part time job offer. It was from one Scotland Travels. They needed people male/female do shop products abroad and bring it back to india as personal goods. They would do all the buying and payment but the product would be in our personal name. This is to avoid customs duty. The copy of the advertisement is attachd for your reference as proof. I called the mobile number 9811617215 and spoke to one Mr.Rahul. This number was showing as delhi number. He said that he will need copies of my passport, aadhaar and 3 pp photos which i sent to him. He said to pay a deposit of Rs. 3530/- to make company documents and identity for travelling purpose. Then he gave me a code number like an employee code.KMFR-2576J. and asked me to call his admin dept. Person to discuss the travel details. I spoke to the person on the mobile number,9891331857 this one also was a delhi number. His name he said was Mr. Sameer. He said that he will arrange for my travel plan and make my insurance policy for international travel for which he needed Rs.13500/- of which 1000/- would be to make medical certificate from doctor. He said that this amount was refundable after 3 trips. He said once the payment is made all the documents will be processed and will be sent to my team leader who will be taking a team of 10 people on this trip. After i made the payment the team leader Mr. Sameer called me and said that the travel plan is ready and we will leave on May 12th and be back on May 17th 2018. He first said that i will have to come to gurgaon to their office from Bengaluru for which he will be sending me the ticket. He then said that i will have to pay a security deposit of rs. 25000/- which is completely refundable the moment i reach gurgaon and my visa formalities are done. I transferred this amount as well to their account. The next day Ms.sandhya ( 07027012353 ) calls me and tells that he is sending his man to the Malaysian embassy to arrange for my visa as the first trip was confirmed. After half an hour he calls and tells me that there is an issue at the embassy as a new indian officer has be employed and he is asking for a bribe of Rs. 20000/- he asked me to make the payment and that he will refund it completely after the trip. I did not made this payment . He calls me same day afternoon and says that everything is done and i will receive my tickets and visa along with appointment letter by evening. He also said that because of the issue at the embassy now they will arrange for me to fly Singapore from Delhi the next day. In the evening when i kept calling him his number was not available and the others were switched off. I have been duped badly for a total amount of Rs.42010/- I request you sir to please bring these fraudsters behind bars and give me justice and my hard earned money back. I have again noticed ad in the Times Of India & Bangaluru Mirror of May 14th 2018 the same advert. By the same person has come up. They are on it again. I don’t know how many people have been duped by them. I am attaching all the the payment transfers i made to their account. website details are below: Scotland export and travels, No.F-36 3rd Floor Suryakiran Building K.G.Marg. New Delihi - 110001 Mr.Rahul / Mr.Sameer. Website: Deepak Kumar A/c no-50437896734 Allahabad bank Ifsc code-ALLA0210370 Amount-3510 + 13500 + 25000 = 42010/- Please request i request to take action as soon as possible and bring justice to me and many others like me. I hope to hear from you Kind regards, Murali M.V. No.67 6th cross basaveshwara HBCS 2nd stage. Chandralayout, Bengaluru -560040 Mobile no : 9845098314

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