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Provided me with undervalued products

Complain Detail:-> Dear Sir /Mam I have been provided undervalued products by a e-commerce site They sold me 3 diamonds worth 30000 by assuring me that by this purchase I will be entitled for their contest. ( and that these diamonds will be an investment as they will sell for exact same amount in market) Now the diamonds i have got are of a very poor quality and no one is giving more than 3000 for them. I am unable to contact anyone from company as all their numbers are out of service. I made purchase from them on 10th February Account details of company - Acc - 50200010625749 Ifsc code - HDFC00003387 Their no. From which i got calls 911169999714 Once their executive called me from personal no. Just to ensure company is serious about customers Now that no. Is picked by someone else who knows this guy from kehty. Com His number was 7065913387

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